Victor Grayson & the Etaples Mutiny

On September 9th 1917 former Colne Valley Socialist MP and would-be revolutionary Victor Grayson (Charles Strange in the TV Series) arrived in Etaples Base Camp. A few hours later a mutiny was in full swing.

Monocled Mutineer – Mutiny at the BBC

Why did Bleasdale’s drama cause such a media storm? Why was the BBC Director Alasdair Milne removed? And what were Willie Whitelaw’s links to Toplis’ killer?

New Zealand Press Accounts of the Mutiny

Press in New Zealand had reported on the disturbances at Etaples as early as 1919, when on his retirement from active duty, Lieutenant Colonel George Mitchell boasted of the role he had played in quelling the riots and negotiating better conditions for troops. It was something of an overstatement to say the least, as it…