Monocled Mutineer – Mutiny at the BBC

Why did Bleasdale’s drama cause such a media storm? Why was the BBC Director Alasdair Milne removed? And what were Willie Whitelaw’s links to Toplis’ killer?

George Shanks and the Protocols Matrix

On the 100th anniversary of the book being exposed as a forgery, a recent discovery in the archives in Dublin suggests that the 1920 British translation of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (The Jewish Peril) was not the work of ‘lone wolf’ anti-Semite George Shanks, but part of a sophisticated propaganda offensive conceived…

The Winnats Pass Mystery: Death of Toplis Witness Harry Fallows

In the aftermath of a fractious year that had seen the much feared General Strike promise to set Britain ablaze with devastating flames of crisis and sedition, the national papers made the most of an unremarkable start to the New Year. The famous Winnats Pass in the craggy High Peaks of Derbyshire, a favourite rambling…

Lovers Suicide in Castleton: The Pass Finally Reveals its Secrets

On Saturday January 8th 1927 the bodies of Toplis accomplice Harry Fallows and his sweetheart Marjorie Stewart were found dead in a cave in Castleton. Within weeks the leading detective in the Toplis investigation was also dead and the first eye witness account of the Etaples Mutiny would be published in the British Press. Was…

Toplis Detective Edwin Woodhall

A look at Toplis detective and intelligence officer, Edwin T. Woodhall and claims that he encountered Toplis at Etaples.

Victor Grayson & the Etaples Mutiny

On September 9th 1917 former Colne Valley Socialist MP and would-be revolutionary Victor Grayson (Charles Strange in the TV Series) arrived in Etaples Base Camp. A few hours later a mutiny was in full swing.