Supt. James Lock Cox – Orontes or Salonika?

James Lock Cox was the Superintendent of Andover Police who led the investigation into the murder of taxi-driver, Sidney George Spicer at the end of April 1920. Toplis was his only suspect. In 1923, after 32 years of dedicated service, Detective Superintendent Cox retired.  Over his career he’d served at Andover, Tidworth Garrison and Boscombe….

Harry Fallows – Police Statement

Harry Fallows was the only witness who was able to place Toplis at the scene of the Andover murder. Read his 5,000 word Police Statement.

The Avengers – London Evening News, Saturday, May 19, 1888

Given the Fenian associates of Ripper suspect Francis Tumblety and the fact that the Whitechapel murders ran parallel with the explosive Parnell Commission, it‘s hard to overlook that news of American and Irish Fenian Avengers in London coincided with Tumblety’s arrival in Britain around June 1888. This sensational article, likely to have been greatly exaggerated,…

Hilda Porter and the Georgian House Mystery (Bury Street, London)

In September 1920, former Colne Valley MP and self-styled Socialist revolutionary Victor Grayson walked out of his plush apartment at the Georgian House in London’s St James’s, never to be seen again. Or at least that’s how the story goes. And we have two people to thank for that: 24-year old hotel manageress, Hilda Seager…